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TERMS DYNAD International BV

1. Definitions.

Under a Dynad International BV is understood in these terms: the import and export, wholesale and trade of Fuel cell battery chargers and related items.
b. Under buyer is understood in these terms and conditions without limitation person who has commissioned and deliveries of goods are carried. On whose behalf

2. Application.

These conditions apply to the exclusion of other conditions of customers apply to all offers, agreements and deliveries of goods.

3. Offers and prices.

All offers in a price lists, circulars, advertisements, order confirmations, letters or published anywhere or done anyway are not binding.
b. Pictures, drawings, measurements and weight, etc. that Dynad be provided, for example Dynad not binding and only intended to give what Dynad a general presentation is offered.
c. Dynad International BV is entitled to interim unanticipated cost increases, which in any case include changes of foreign exchange to the customer to charge.
d. In connection with the cost Dynad International BV, resulting from prompt processing and delivery of orders, Dynad entitled to customers who either do small orders continuously, or at different times of normal working hours needs to be supplied, to charge a fee provided this notice to the relevant customer is announced in writing.

4. Delivery.

The supply of goods made according to specifications on the delivery.

5. Transport. Dynad International BV is free of choice of the means of transport. If want a different mode of transportation or the customer requires, the extra costs for his account. In that event, Dynad International BV has no liability for any damage during transport arise.

6. Payment.

a. be made in euros by crediting stated on the invoice bank account. a payment service
b. Unless otherwise expressly agreed payment, the customer must meet. The invoice amounts within 14 days In case of late payment, the customer in default without any notice of default. The customer is from the due date at a rate equal to the then prevailing prime rate of the Dutch Bank, increased by 3%, as well as the generally applicable to the Dutch commercial banks fees for overdrafts, on the invoice amount or the unpaid portion thereof .
c. If Dynad International BV non-payment is compelled to give the collection has all judicial and extrajudicial costs, including the costs of counsel Dynad International BV, on behalf of the buyer. The extrajudicial costs are assumed to be. Least 15% of the principal at least
d. Dynad International BV reserves the right to deliver, or to demand, before supplying to go. advance payment or the provision of security goods cash on

7. Complaints.

a The buyer must check that the delivery corresponds with the order. upon receipt of the goods
b. Complaints are only considered by Dynad International BV, if they are send wthin 8 days after receipt of the goods. After the expiry of this period, the customer is deemed to have the goods delivered were in order. Advertising suspend the payment obligation.

8. Returns.

Dynad International BV delivered goods which rightly and in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 claim has been lodged by Dynad International BV reversed only if and insofar as the goods are in the original packaging and in the condition they were delivered there in.
b. Items which are with an expiration date, can not be returned.

9. Retention.

a Dynad International BV remains owner of the goods sold and delivered goods until the purchase price is paid fully.
b. Notwithstanding the right to reimbursement of costs and profits, has Dynad International BV the right to immediate release of the goods supplied by it, if the customer fails to meet his payment obligation.

10. Liability.
Dynad International BV accepts no liability whatsoever, anyway, for goods sold and delivered by its articles of third parties unless the customer proves that the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence of Dynad International BV

11. Disputes.
All disputes between Dynad International BV and its customers will be submitted to the competent court in Alkmaar or, at the discretion of Dynad International BV, by the competent court of the domicile of the customer. Dutch law applies.

Dynad International BV Noord scharwoude.

T. van Dijkhuizen-Kamp.

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