Technical details Hydromax 150 fuel cell

Technical details Hydromax 150 fuel cell

In this section we have more detailed technical information on the Hydromax 150 Fuel Cell Battery charger.

The information shows the unit is very suitable for the use in recreational vehicles like motorhomes and yachts due to it’s compact size, low weight and nonflammable fluids. If there are specific questions if the unit is suitable for your vehicle you can always contact us or one of our dealers.

The Hydromax 150 Fuel Cell does it’s work very quit and has no hazardous emmisions, so the domestic batteries are always charged.
The fuels are a salt solution and a malic acid solution, malic acid is used in candy, soda’s and other types of food.

The Hydromax is standard used to charge 12V batteries, but on request a 24V can be supplied as well.

Dynad International BV can always be contacted for questions or solutions for difficult situations where a fuel cell is preferred to be applied.

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Hydromax 150150
Nominal Power150 W
Maximum Power180W
Loading capacitance / day 3600Wh/day
Nominal fuel usage / kWh1,25 l
Suitable batteriesLead acid
Weight9,0 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)40 x 19 x 31 cm ( 27cm without the handle
Workingtemperature-10 tot +40 °C
Warranty2 years
Maximum heel angle 30 degrees in all axes
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