Battery types 12V

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The most used 12V batteries are:

  • Lead
  • Gel
  • AGM
  • Li-ion

The GEL battery is in our opinion the best choice for recreational vehicles to use for the appliances, an AGM is best used as a starting battery. The Hydromax 150 FUEL CELL battery charger can charge all Battery types 12V very efficient.


Lead acid

This is called a “wet battery” because it has to be refilled with DEMI water.

This battery is relatively inexpensive, but less suitable, due to the corrosive properties of the acid and evaporating fumes to apply in an enclosed living space.


Gel batteries can be used in any orientation. When loading less gas is created and the gas produced is absorbed by the sponge-like electrolyte, whereby the oxygen and hydrogen in the water is discharged again. This is done in the same manner as in a fuel cell.

Gel batteries are maintenance free, this means: there’s no need for adding water, there’s less sulfation and the self-discharge is less than wet batteries.


The abbreviation AGM stands for ABSORBED GLASS MATERIAL. The fiber material is used as an insulator which is soaked in a dilute sulfuric acid.

The properties including the starting capacity is thus increased very much allowing AGM batteries to be built smaller. AGM batteries are also able to be discharges up to 70% without damaging it. The AGM battery is made ​​for an average of 400 to 500 discharges under the right circumstances.


This technology is still in it’s starting-up fase with respect to the use as a vehicle battery. The big advantage is that the battery has no memory effect and can be deeply discharged without damage. The batteries have very compact dimensions. The high price will scare off many potential users for now.

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